Sharon Booth and the
Society for Creative Anachronism

I first heard about the Society for Creative Anachronism , or SCA, in Spring 1986. A good friend asked me to come with her to the West Kingdom crown tourney, although I was living in Philadelphia at the time. After that learned from coworkers that in Western PA there was a huge war every year just outside of Pittsburgh. It is known as the Pennsic War. Then, I moved back to Pittsburgh. I became friends with a group of people who were active in the SCA, liked to go to Pennsic, and invited me to come and camp with them. Then I met my honey bunny and we continued to go to Pennsic for just a few days. For years after that, my honey bunny and I were "Pennsic Only" folks and were not members. Then our friends started winning crown tournaments, we started attending events other than just Pennsic, and we spent more time at Pennsic. We got more camping gear, a nicer tent, made more clothing and furniture, and because members of the SCA in 2006.

My device blazon (see above left): Argent, a brown rabbit sejant affronty proper within eight irises in annulo purpure slipped and leaved vert.

Now the reason: My husband is known as honey bunny; so that explains the rabbit. In case you didn't know, I have a thing for irises. I refer to the heirloom bearded irises as my "randy" irises. I wanted my SCA name to be Hara of the Randy Irises, but in medieval Japan Hara was a family name. Furthermore, "randy irises" is just wrong; so I made my device have lots of irises.

Household One Knight Inne

For Pennsic 25, a few of our friends formed a small household with the head of the Household Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n'Iora. The name for the household was One Knight Inne. Then someone came up with the very clever idea of having a sign for our knight to have a sign where the Inne could be flipped to Oute. Our little household camped with 3 or 4 other groups that we didn't know, but it was a start.

The household badge of One Knight Inne

Clan Yama Kaminari

The following year for Pennsic 26, friends invited our small household to camp with their larger group known as Clan Yama Kaminari. We liked the clan and they invited us back. Several folks in Clan Yama Kaminari have Japanese persona. The clothing looked comfortable, so my husband and I decided to try making and wearing Japanese clothing and that is how he and I became Japanese.

The device of His Excellency Baron Sir Ogami Akira, daimyo of Clan Yama Kaminari

Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc

The SCA is organized in geographic subdivisions known as Kingdoms. The kindoms are broken into smaller groups, usually known as Baronies, or Shires, but there are other subdivisions as well. My kingdom Aethelmearc, is western and northern PA, western and middle NY, and all of West Virginia. My local group Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands, is the greater Pittsburgh area.

The populace badge of the Sylvan Kingdom of Æthelmearc The populace badge of the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands

Arts and Sciences Projects, Classes, and Displays

Simple Japanese Clothes

Pictures of finished projects

Kumihimo Braids

Online Instructions

Awards, Offices, and Other Milestones

Award of Arms

On February 28th, AS 43 at the Festival of Mi no Hi Hara received an award of arms. Hara was member of the Clan Yama Kaminari for many years, aiding in projects and research in many things Japanese, had served Their Majesties, and was generous with her sewing, for these things the Daimyo awarded her arms.

Order of the Sycamore

Hara was inducted into the Order of the Sycamore for her research and making of Japanese garb, and the making and teaching of weaving kumihimo cords on January 15, AS 45.

Sigil of Aethelmearc

September 17, AS 46, awarded Sigil Aethelmearc for service to their Magesties.

West Kingdom Twelfth Night

January 6-8, AS 46, attended West Kingdom Twelfth Night to attend the elevation of Saionji no Hana.

Order of Gold Comet

Hara was awarded a gold comet for service at Queen's Rapier and BMDL Birthday, May 26th, AS 47.

BMDL Exchequer

Hara began her term as Exchequer for the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands on June 6th, AS 47. Initially she was interium exchequer because she took over mid-term for departing exchequer. She then served two full two-year terms for a total of five years, until August 16, AS 52.


Became warranted MoL at Pennsic War 42.

Protege to Hildarun Hügelman

July 28, AS 48 at the Baronial reception at Pennsic 42. Hilda offered Hara a protege belt which Hara accepted, the belt which was dyed by the hands of Hara and was hand sewn by Hilda and would stand as a symbol of all that the two shall teach each other in the future.

Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion

Jauary 17, AS 49 at Baronial Twelfth Night, Hara was chosen as Arts and Sciences champion for her Japanese dobuku jacket and braided cord. She would represent the Barony as champion in the Seven Pearls A & S competion at Ice Dragon.

Order of the Keystone

January 17, AS 49 at Baronial Twelfth Night, Hara was awarded a Keystone for her service as troll, reservations clerk, MoL, and exchequer.

Estrella War 30

From Feb 24 - Mar 1, AS 49, Hara attended Estrella War 30 as part of the retinue for their majesties. Camped with Aethelmearc royals in Hrafnheim a very warm hospitable household.

Order of the Golden Thorn

April 11, AS 49 inducted into Order or Golden Thorn for service to their majesties at Estrella War.

Sigil of Aethelmearc

April 11, AS 49 awarded Sigil of Aethelmearc for service to their majesties.

Started shooting Crossbow

At Pennsic War 44, AS 50, Hara received crossbow and bolts from Kusunoki Yoshimoto in exchange for two Japanese outfits that she sewed for Yoshi. Then Yoshi taught Hara to shoot the crossbow.

Fleur d'Aethelmearc

October 17 AS 50 at Agincourt, Hara granted arms and awarded Fleur d'Aethelmearc for her skills in researching and creating Japanese garb, dyeing techniques and braided cordmaking.

SCA 50

SCA 50 Anniversary event, June 19 - 25, AS 51 Hara attended SCA 50 as part of the Aethelmearc group and as a retainter for their Majesties Byron and Ariella.

Sigil of Aethelmearc

Sept 24, AS 51 Hara was awarded a Sigil of Aethelmearc for service during the reign of their majesties.

Order of Millrind

April 8, AS 51 awarded a Millrind for her service as Exchequer.

Sewing Circle Host

In September, AS 54, Hara took over hosting the sewing circle for the Barony.

Order of Silver Comet

October 19, AS 54 at Agincourt, Hara was awarded a silver comet for her work in outfitting others and herself.

Order of Gold Comet

September 11, AS 56 at the Baronial Picnic, Hara was awarded a gold comet for keeping sewing circle alive online during the great plague.